Choosing the Right Keywords for Your SEO Campaign

When you set up a new website, it is highly likely that you’ll want to get it seen by your preferred audience.  This is why an effective SEO plan is essential for the health of your site.

Choosing keywords to target is an important step in developing the site’s SEO.  Keywords are the searched for phrases which your target audience type into Google and other search engines in order to find products or services.  The keywords your site ranks for are important to get right so your audience can easily find you.

You should always have a wide range of keywords for your site, including localised search options, such as including town names or county names within the terms.  For example, you might have “car repairs London” or “North London car repairs”.  You should try to include long and short tail keywords.  Long tail keywords are those which are related to questions “what is coasteering” is an example of this.