Web Design Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Happy New Year from ICT Marketing!  We are excited to bring in the New Year with some interesting new trends to focus efforts on in the web design and marketing arena.

The number one trend for web design in 2017 is likely to be mobile first websites.  The rate that people are using mobile devices to view websites is increasing at a fast pace.  It is vital that businesses ensure their websites are primarily available for mobiles, with tablets and desktops afterwards.  If your site is not properly optimised for mobile, it won’t read correctly and will certianly cost you in sales and conversions!

Another trend we can see moving forward into 2017 is the rise of more rapid prototyping design services.  There have been DIY web design tools available for a few years, but these easy to use services are going to become more and more sophisticated as the year moves on, allowing people with no coding knowledge to create amazing websites from their own home.  This is good for some, yet without the expert knowledge of a marketing specialist, many businesses will have a great looking website but may not pull in the customers they expect…